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Why Should I Fast?

Jan 08 / Why Should I Fast?

Found in: Blog

When we fast, we deny ourselves things we love for something we love even more. There are many ways to fast–all foods, partial fasts, and media fasts. Read Full Article

21 Day Fast Facebook Group

Jan 08 / 21 Day Fast Facebook Group

Found in: Campus News

Every January H2O.Church takes part in a 21 day fast to start the new year off right. Read Full Article

Extraordinary God

Aug 13 / Extraordinary God

Found in: Blog

On May 3, 2016, my wife and I received a phone call that her father, Bill Hoyt, had a massive heart attack. We immediately headed to OKC. The next morning the doctor came in and told us that it did not ... Read Full Article

Jul 20 / How to give online at H2O.Church

Found in: Campus News

Recently you may have noticed our platform for online giving was updated. We wanted to take a moment to walk you through the new system. It’s very simple and we hope you think so to. Read Full Article

Global Leadership Summit 2016

May 26 / Global Leadership Summit 2016

Found in: Campus News

Whether at church, school, business or home, you are leading people and projects every day. You're leading in a culture that is constantly changing and redefining itself. Leadership takes perseverance, ... Read Full Article

Easter 2016

Feb 25 / Easter 2016

Found in: Campus News

This Easter, you’re invited to experience the most powerful love of all. A love that heals. A love that forgives. A love that welcomes. A Love Like Jesus. Read Full Article

Jan 31 / Count Me In

Found in: Campus News

It is people like you that help us live out our mission to Lead People To Become Fully Devoted Followers of Christ. Read Full Article

Giving Statements for 2015 Now Available

Jan 11 / Giving Statements for 2015 Now Available

Found in: Campus News

Your 2015 giving statements are now available online. Read Full Article

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