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How to give online at H2O.Church July 20, 2016

Recently you may have noticed our platform for online giving was updated. We wanted to take a moment to walk you through the new system.

To get started go to h2o.church/give and once you are there you will click the “Give Online Now” button.

On this screen you will enter in your amount, fund (this is typically just Tithes & Gifts), Occurrence (only once or repeating?) and then your email address. If we don’t have your email address on record, or maybe we have an old email address, it will also ask for your name.  From here you will enter in your payment information and hit the give button at the bottom. That’s all! You will receive an emailed receipt shortly after.



I clicked Bank Account as my payment method but my bank isn’t listed.

Giving online using your bank account requires verification. This is because bank account numbers don’t provide the same protections that a debit or credit cards come with. The box that pops up lists all the banks that currently support instant account verification by logging into your online account. If your bank isn’t listed, you can close the box with the listed banks and then click the “Manually connect bank account button”. Here you will be able to manually enter in your bank account’s routing and account numbers.


I entered in my email address but it shows another family members name.

If you enter in an email address and your spouse’s or one of your children’s names appears you can click the “Shared email?” button under the “My Information” section that appears after entering in your email address. If you would like for us to update this information in our system you can email us at info@h2o.church and we will get that changed for you.


I want to set up a recurring gift but it says it won’t process till next month.

If you are trying to set up a recurring gift on a day that has already occurred this calendar month you will need to set up the recurring gift and do a one time gift for this month. Example, today is the 15th but you want the recurring gift to process on the 14th, in this situation the gift won’t process until next month.  But if today is the 15th and you want it to process on the 16th of the month, this gift will then process tomorrow.

I have another question

Email us at info@h2o.church and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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