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Giving Statements for 2015 Now Available January 11, 2016

Your 2015 giving statements are now available online.

Need help? Contact Debi Berk at debi.berk@h2o.church or call our office at (580) 427-5433 during normal office hours.

How do I access my giving statement online?

You can access your giving statements online throughout the year at H2OConnect.cc

1. Login at H2OConnect.cc

2. Click on your name located at the top right corner of your screen.

3. On the menu that drops down after you click on your name, click Profile.

4. You will see a series of tabs in the middle of the screen, click on Financial.

5. In the middle of the financial section you should see an area labeled Printable Statements, click Giving Statement.

6. This will bring up a new Giving Statements page, you can configure your statement here. The main thing you will need to change here is the Date Range, for your 2015 statement you will need to change it to Last Year. The Type option will change who is included in the statement. Family will include any contributions from a spouse and children. Individual will show contributions only from the logged in user.

Optional: Now would be a great time to update your information in our system. When you are on your profile click Edit Profile on the right hand side under Profile Settings. You can update all of your contact information here. Please inform us of any marital status changes so this can also be reflected in our system.

What if I don't have a login?

Receiving a login is easy. Go to H2OConnect.cc and click Sign Up under the login box. You will fill out the short form to request your login. If your information matches what we have on record exactly you will receive a login shortly. If we are missing information or it is out of date a login will have to be created for you manually. Please allow one weekday to receive your login information for H2OConnect.cc.

What if I want a statement mailed to me?

This year to save on printing and postage costs we are not mailing or printing out statements by default. If you would like a copy mailed or printed for pick up please contact Debi Berk at debi.berk@h2o.church or call the office at (580) 427-5433 during normal office hours.

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