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Extraordinary God August 13, 2016

You can download the song on SoundCloud


On July 25th, 2016, Avery Anderson and Karsen Sheffield were involved in a car accident. Karsen has since been released from the hospital but Avery is still in intensive care. If you have listened to this song and would like to help with medical and travel expenses for Avery and Karsen please give at the button below.


About this Song

On May 3, 2016, my wife and I received a phone call that her father, Bill Hoyt, had a massive heart attack. We immediately headed to OKC. The next morning the doctor came in and told us that it did not look good. The damage was extensive. They said he had a nine millimeter hole in his heart! I didn’t even know how it was possible that he was still alive. As we stood there in the hallway of the Oklahoma Heart Hospital, we were numb. Could this really be happening? Then the doctor said something that woke me up. He said, “It will take something extraordinary for him to survive.” Over the next few weeks there is a lot that happened. Everything from experimental surgery to flatlining and being brought back. This whole time we were praying to our “Extraordinary” God for healing. One morning, about 4:00 am God woke me up and gave me the words that would eventually become the lyrics to “Extraordinary God”. I have never heard an audible voice from heaven, but this particular morning my soul was overwhelmed. It took me only about five minutes to write down what God had given me. It came to me in a form like a Psalm. I knew that this had come from God because first, the truth of the words was consistent with scripture, and second, it came so easy. I have written songs before, but it is always a very cumbersome process for me, but this particular morning the words just flowed onto the paper as if I were taking dictation from the Great I AM. I remember wondering, “Is this how David felt as he penned the 23rd Psalm?” It was one of the most spiritual moments that I have ever experienced.

Many have said of their loved ones, “If I could have just one more day with him, I would...” (You can fill in the blank). Well, we got our day. God brought Bill out of an unconscious state and we had a full day of conversation with him. There were hugs, there were laughs, there were tears. Words that needed to be said and heard were spoken between he and our family. It was an extraordinary gift. God did not answer our prayers of healing for Bill the way that we wanted Him to, but as WE (including you, our H2O family), prayed unceasingly during these difficult days, God made himself known in an extraordinary way. He gave us the extraordinary gift of one more day that so many have longed for. On May 23, 2016, my father-in-law, Bill Hoyt, was made completely whole as he entered the presence of Jesus Christ and was healed of this fallen world. God performs signs and wonders all around us everyday, but not as we have planned. Sometimes he does thing out of the ordinary... Things that are supernatural... Things that are unexpected, or even unwanted. But His gifts are always good. His ways are always right. So that in joy or in sorrow, we will praise His Holy Name. He truly is our “Extraordinary God”.

“We believe in signs and wonders, Do it again, Lord! Do it again!

For we have seen your signs and wonders, Do it again! Lord, do it again!”

-Billy Norton, H2O.Church Worship

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